Some suggestions on API database

Dave Miller compsol at
Thu Aug 7 03:24:03 CDT 2003

A few updates to this project.

First, I  have completed work on a script which makes an export table. 
 That is, it's completed if noone discovers a problem or feature that 
should be added.  This table will have all windows versions in a row 
across the top, and dlls in a column down the left side.  Each dll has 
an X for versions of windows - including wine which export that dll. 
 The X is a link to one of the CGIs which queries for all APIs exported 
by that dll in that particular windows version.  The script is currently 
generating the table and it seems it will take a good 8 hours or so to 
finish!!  There is a HUGE number of dlls.  I think some .ref files might 
not be from clean installs.  If anyone can identify for certain dlls 
which are not part of windows please let me know so I can clean up the 
database and the table.  You can check it's progress at  I think when finished it could 
use some color, maybe a style sheet.  Any other comments?

The compare.cgi script now has a checkbox which toggles all output vs 
only differences as Dimi suggested.

In case anyone noticed winnt40-sp6a queries did not return any results. 
 The version field was truncated.  I fixed it by dropping the 0.  :)

A windows NT 3.51 version has been added to the database.

Juan Lang wrote:

>Hi David--thanks for posting those!  Here's my input:
>Your list of APIs (from WINE, Windows versions) is not
>likely to change terribly frequently.  As such, I'd
>suggest using your Perl script to pregenerate static
>web pages that have some sought-after info.  This
>should cut down load on your box quite a bit.
>Perhaps there'll be debate on the most useful pages,
>but personally I'd like to see:
>- which DLLs exist under which versions of
>Windows/WINE.  I'm thinking a table which lists each
>DLL (the union of all of them) in a row, and column
>for each Windows version indicating whether it exists.
>- for each DLL, which functions it exports under which
>versions of Windows/WINE.
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