Threading experts?

Peter Hunnisett peter at
Mon Aug 11 10:48:22 CDT 2003

puoti at wrote:

>I had to use with-nptl to build winex pn Mandrake 9.1, the binarys did't work
>without that option. This wasn't necessarry on wine, but winex won't run without it.

WineX is a different in this regard. We don't differentiate between NPTL 
and LinuxThreads - and the option is --enable-pthreads and not --with-nptl.

>Dmitry wrote:
>I may be wrong, but according to the information posted to one of our
>support forums, support for NPTL was backported from 2.5 kernels by
>RedHat, and nobody else has support for NPTL in 2.4 kernel series.

You are correct from my understanding. Wine does a binary patch for 
errno stuff which is supposedly sufficient to not require using pthreads 
until NPTL comes into the fold.

>So, you shouldn't compile --with-nptl on Mandrake.



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