Is wine a debugger?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Tue Aug 12 14:07:47 CDT 2003

> But yes, the Wine debugger loads as a new process only after a crash is 
> detected.  What is happening is the program is poking around in memory 
> somewhere and seeing something different from what it expects.
since we get a SIGTRAP more likely an int 3 instruction
under windows (9x), if the program is run under a debugger, the debugger 
will get the interruption. some protection mechanism set their own 
exception handlers (allowed under 9x) to detect whether a debugger is 
present (the handler is called only if no debugger is present)
so setting the windows version in wine to NT will let the program (if 
correctly designed) to use some other mechanism and you may succeed in 
running your program


Eric Pouech

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