Better GNOME integration

Christian Neumair chris at
Wed Aug 13 03:48:06 CDT 2003

When trying to use the latest Debian package I noted that there are no
MIME bindings available for GNOME and that applications installed with
wine are not visible in the application menu. In my opinion the first
issue is really easily solvable, just three more files need to be
included in the package and copied into /usr/share/mime-info and
/usr/share/application-registry - is the official source the right place
or should package maintainers include this?
The second is a bit more tricky. I propose that as a 1.0 target wine
should implement the menu spec [1], which is definitly
the future. We should contact the freedesktop guys and tell them that we
want a registered category "WINE" :).



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