Other winefile fixes

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at gmx.net
Wed Aug 13 11:14:09 CDT 2003

Hello Dimitrie,

> >         Use __WINE instead of _WINE_, _WIN32
> Why do we need to know that we're running under Wine in so
> many places? I think we have fewer tests for __WINE__ in
> a huge lib like wxWindows than we have in winefile!

The #ifdef directives are mainly because of the additional features in 
winefile when being compiled as a winelib application.
You are then not only able to browse the WIN32 file system, but also the unix 
file system. This feature is not available when compiling as a bare WIN32 

The conditional compilation in resource.rc is because of the inline resources 
like bitmaps and icons. When compiling with MSVC I use the binary picture 
files instead of the winerc inline code.

Martin Fuchs
martin-fuchs at gmx.net

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