[winegcc03] winewrap can handle the default output name

Richard Cohen richard.cohen at virgin.net
Thu Aug 14 03:30:50 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> The reason I've handled it in winegcc rather than winewrap is that
> this seems to be a (historical) feature that's specific to gcc, and
> there doesn't seem to be any reason to have such a feature perpetuated
> in winewrap.

winegcc <-> gcc, winewrap<->ld

$ man ld
        -o output
            Use  output  as the name for the program produced by
            ld; if this option is not specified, the name  a.out
            is used by default.  The script command "OUTPUT" can
            also specify the output file name.

Anyone up for renaming winewrap to wineld ? ;-}


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