Implementations of WCSToMBEx and MBToWCSEx and PolyPatBlt

jonwil at jonwil at
Thu Aug 14 02:24:31 CDT 2003

> Please submit them as a patch, so that Alexandre can apply them to the
> tree like all the other patches.
Unfortunatly, my linux setup (which I use for working on WINE) is currently non-functional. If 
someone else with a working WINE tree could turn them into a patch, that would be very very 
good :)

As for the user32 info, ReactOS (as of my patch going into the tree) has 
information/prototypes for all bar 10 functions from user32.dll of NT4SP6a
If there are any user32.dll functions (from NT4SP6a or otherwise) that information is required 
for, do let me know and I will provide the info.

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