winevdm: can't exec

Dominik Strasser Dominik.Strasser at
Thu Aug 14 07:28:26 CDT 2003

trying to run the game demo of "Charlie's Angels" which can be found here:
I am running into a strange problem.
The demo is a NE binary, so winevdm is called.
But is has the "32-bit-flag" set, so MODULE_LoadModule16 returns handle 
21 (Win32 binary).
Consequently winevdm emits "can't exec".

By hacking __wine_process_init to start WIN16 binaries as WIN32, I am 
proceeding much further.

Should I modify MODULE_GetBinaryType to look for the above mentioned 
32-bit-flag and to return a new binary type which is treated like PE ?



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