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Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Thu Aug 14 15:19:06 CDT 2003

--- Vincent Béron <vberon at> wrote:
> Le jeu 14/08/2003 à 15:36, Dustin Navea a écrit :
> >     if (action == ACTION_UNDEF)
> >     {
> >         if (*s)
> >             action = ACTION_ADD;
> >         return FALSE;
> >     }
> This won't do the same thing (the return statement will always be
> executed).

oops mis-read the code lol..  action = ACTION_ADD if *s is not null or false
and so the return is not executed (good).  In my code, the return is executed
regardless of action's value (bad)..  but the first way i wrote (adding the
else) is better because you only check the value of action twice if *s is
null or false (!*s) (less processing if (*s)) heh confused yet?

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