Problem with wcmd in wineconsole ?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu Aug 14 19:05:16 CDT 2003

Using dos32a (free replacement of dos4gw) with wineconsole,
I dont get any text output from it under wcmd.

With wine in an xterm , i get a normal output:
[syl at snoop c]$ wine --debugmsg err-all,fixme-all dos32a
Warning: unprotecting the first 64KB of memory to allow real-mode
         NULL pointer accesses will no longer be caught.
DOS/32A -- Protected Mode Run-time  Version 7.2
Copyright (C) Supernar Systems, Ltd. 1996-2002
DOS/32A fatal (8001): syntax is DOS32A <>

Running 'wineconsole dos32a'  is ok too, but it doesnt give the ability
to read/copy the
messages from the program you run.

Failing part :
[syl at snoop c]$ wineconsole -- --backend=user wcmd
loads ok, internal commands are giving output.
But when I try to run dos32a, I have no output :

WCMD Version 0.17             
C:\>echo internal command test
internal command test         

I made the test with --debugmsg +int, and it should output text :
trace:int:DOSVM_PutChar char: 0x44(D)
trace:int:DOSVM_PutChar char: 0x4f(O)
trace:int:DOSVM_PutChar char: 0x53(S)
trace:int:DOSVM_PutChar char: 0x2f(/)

The full log is attached (wineconsole --debugmsg +int -- --backend=user
Comments ?

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