some questions (required for my dmusic work)

Rok Mandeljc rok.mandeljc at
Sat Aug 16 05:12:41 CDT 2003

I think I've finally figured how dmusic work (especially loading, object
and track interfaces). I'll send all my work next week or one after it,
but there are still some big flaws I'd like to fix before.

1. I've splitted dmusic debug channel into dmusic, dmusic32, dmband,
dmstyle, dmime, etc. and now I'd like to have debug channel dmusicall
which will turn all dm* debug channel on (something like debugchannel
"all"). Can someone tell me how "all" is defined?

2. I still can't figure how to implement interface that consist of two
interfaces (I have IDirectMusicLoaderStream which should consist of
IStream and IDirectMusicGetLoader). Can someone send me detailed
instructions how to do it? (I can't find any examples)
Rok Mandeljc <rok.mandeljc at>

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