GetLastError strangeness with FindClose

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sat Aug 16 14:16:58 CDT 2003

Kelly Leahy wrote:
> Your test doesn't make much sense.  The call to FindClose should be done
> after you check the result of GetLastError, since FindClose <should> change
> the last error to ERROR_SUCCESS if the close operation was successful.
>>From your test results, it seems that the FindClose implementation on the
> version of windows you're using doesn't seem to do this.  I would consider
> this a bug in windows, not a bug in Wine.  If a programmer relies on this
> behavior, it's their fault, not MS's or Wine's fault that their code does
> not work

AFAIK, it's never said that a successful function call should set the 
last error to 0. This only thing MS claims is that when a function 
fails, the last error is set to a error code explaining that error.

Moreover, wine's goal is not to make a better design than windows, but 
to mimic windows behavior. So, if FindClose doesn't change the last 
error on success, wine should do the same (especially if some known 
program depends on it)

Eric Pouech

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