Fix treeview with checkboxes creation

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Aug 16 22:40:17 CDT 2003

"Maxime Bellengé" <maxime.bellenge at> wrote:

> Changelog:
> * Fix the creation of treeview with checkboxes. Now they display fine.

The only real change in this patch is the following snippet. Could you
retest and send only that chunk alone?

@@ -4848,12 +4850,14 @@
  DrawFrameControl(hdc, &rc, DFC_BUTTON,

+ SelectObject(hdc, hbmOld);
  nIndex = ImageList_AddMasked(infoPtr->himlState, hbm,
  TRACE("chckbox index %d\n", nIndex);
- SelectObject(hdc, hbmOld);


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