calls to int 3d corrupt the stack

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Aug 17 03:39:09 CDT 2003

> 	Can you tell me the addresses in the IP register at the time of call
> return to the program?  I must have either miscalculated the backup
or failed
> to account to movement between memory segments.  Skipping the code
> works with the fwait, however, the other FPU instructions will not be
that easy
> to handle.

After doing some winedbg work, it appears that :
- my call appears at 0x36f:0xc and should return at 0x36f:0xe
Wine-dbg>disass 0x36f:0xc
0x036f:0x0000000c: int  $0x3d
0x036f:0x0000000e: movw 0xfffffffc(%bp),%ax
0x036f:0x00000011: movw 0xfffffffe(%bp),%dx
0x036f:0x00000014: leave
0x036f:0x00000015: ret  $0x4

after setting a breakpoint on DOSVM_Int3dHandler, I see that your
calculated code variable points to another place (if I am right ;))

192         FPU_ModifyCode(context, 0x90);
225         WORD *stack = CTX_SEG_OFF_TO_LIN(context, context->SegSs,
224     {
225         WORD *stack = CTX_SEG_OFF_TO_LIN(context, context->SegSs,
226         BYTE *code =  CTX_SEG_OFF_TO_LIN(context, stack[1],
232         code[-2] = 0x9b;          /* The fwait instruction */
Wine-dbg>disass code-2
0x000d0b51: addb        $0,%al
0x000d0b53: int $0x31
0x000d0b55: sti
0x000d0b56: lret

One things appears strange to me : you use a WORD pointer for the
Shouldnt it be a DWORD pointer, since real mode uses dword stack ?

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