LPT1 support in DOSFS_OpenDevice

E Lea ed at centralmanclc.com
Wed Aug 20 05:51:51 CDT 2003

I'm trying to add LPT1 support to DOSFS_OpenDevice. The software that
requires this functionality controls a parallel port plotter by sending
LOGO-style ASCII commands.

I have based my attempts heavily on the serial port support, although I
don't think I really know what I'm doing. Can anyone explain to me what's
required? I have tried to implement a server call to create a file
descriptor to /dev/lp0 (read from ~/.wine/config) and return a handle to it,
but after that (perhaps when wine starts using the handle) both the wine and
wineserver processes die. I don't really understand handles and how they are

Are more functions required other than a simple create_parallel()? How do
handles work?

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