[Foxgui-users]Re: Wine fixes (1)

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Wed Aug 20 10:21:43 CDT 2003

On 20 Aug 2003, Doug Henry wrote:

> > Added this one too. [As to why you'd want to run FOX under Wine while it
> > runs natively under X11, I don't know....]
> > 
> If you cross-compile for windows under linux, it is useful to test under
> wine.  Its more convenient than rebooting or going to another machine
> just for simple testing.

Top 10 reasons you want Fox ported to Wine:

 10. Windows sux
  9. Microsoft is evil
  8. Test windows features without rebooting (as Doug mentioned)
  7. Keep development on Linux
  6. Run valgrind on the Windows port 
  5. Make sure the Win32 part is portable to multiple implementations
  4. Help find missing features/problems/etc. in Wine
  3. Some people may prefer the Wine widgets to the GTK+ ones
  2. wxWindows is already ported to Wine, Fox needs that too! ;)

and the number one reason is:

  1. It is just cool!!! 
     (what geek can resist this sort of virtualization? :))


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