PATCH - some build fixes for w32api headers

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Aug 20 21:46:10 CDT 2003

Steven Edwards <steven_ed4153 at> writes:

> Changelog: Fixes for building with w32api headers on Mingw

Why do you need to add stdarg.h everywhere? AFAICS it should be
already included by the headers that require it.

As a general note, it's a very good thing to test with other headers,
but make sure that the problem is really on the Wine side before
making changes. Being compatible with w32api is not a goal in itself
for Wine, we have to be compatible with Microsoft; and if the Wine
code works with the Microsoft headers but not with w32api then the bug
is in w32api and should be fixed there.

And in the case where the bug is really in Wine, this means there's an
incompatibility in the Wine headers, since it builds fine with them
and it shouldn't. So this means we have to fix the Wine headers too,
not only the C files.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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