FAQ: When will Wine integrate an x86 CPU emulator?

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Thu Aug 21 07:42:44 CDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-20 at 21:42, Francois Gouget wrote:
> +          environment, Wine should only need minimal modifications. What
> +          performance you loose due to Wine running inside the emulator
> +          rather than natively, you gain in complexity inside of Wine.

s/loose/lose/ - I'm not sure the second part of that sentance makes
sense. What you lose in performance, you gain in complexity inside of
wine? Shouldn't that be simplicity?

Random tangent: at some point somebody needs to write an "msinterop"
program that simply looks at the environment, the type of EXE file and
then invokes:

1) Wine
2) Mono
3) Wine in QEMU
4) Wine and Mono in QEMU
5) Offers to download and install these programs if need be.

Especially as we'll start seeing more and more programs that are partly
unmanaged and partly managed (.net) code floating about, it's going to
be harder to figure out what programs you need in order to make the exe

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