Viruses in the wine-devel archive ??

Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Fri Aug 22 09:44:09 CDT 2003

Yup, here is the message.

I'll remove that attachment. Should we contact that author and let him
know he is infected, or simply remove him from the list?

On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 09:32, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Jeremy Newman" <jnewman at> wrote:
> > > Someone on the list has the virus Sobig.f and sent it to wine-devel on Wed
> > > Aug 20 2003 - 23:18:18 CDT
> > > 
> > > We MUST remove the infected message from the wine-devel archive.
> > 
> > I'd be happy to remove it. On a quick scan however, I was not able to
> > find any infected messages in the archive.
> They must be in the wine-patchces list. My ISP sent to me cured versions
> of the infected messages. They were sent from the address from which
> there were no list activity more than an year.
Jeremy Newman <jnewman at>
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