Viruses in the wine-devel archive ??

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Aug 22 12:00:04 CDT 2003

Jeremy Newman wrote:
> Yup, here is the message.
> I'll remove that attachment. Should we contact that author and let him
> know he is infected, or simply remove him from the list?

Please don't remove anyone from the lists. The "From" is always forged, 
so you should ignore it. The Wine lists are currently getting about 1000 
Sobig.F viruses per day, some of them supposedly from Alexandre ;)

I have temporarily changed the maximum message size on wine-patches to 
40KB. So any emails with valid forged "From" headers will be caught for 
moderation. Since all the other lists were already set at 40KB by 
default, no viruses were able to make it through.

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