Conformance tests

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Fri Aug 22 13:34:58 CDT 2003

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dimi at> writes:

> On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> 1. The precompiled binaries offered here would mean a great
>>    help, were they updated regularly.
> To achive this I think we need to refine the process to
> the point where we build one file (an .exe)

I understand that you are strongly attached to C and heavily
biased against scripting languages ==> :) <==, but what I
have in mind is a simple .BAT file.  That even I could
generate by a Perl script (sorry again!) from the build
tree.  Just zip it up with the individual .EXE's and let go.
Extract into a directory, run TESTS.BAT, email RESULTS.TXT,
delete directory.  Is it still too much?

>> we can still embed it into the giant API database at
>> (why is it not linked from WineHQ?)
>> and have a general SQL interface! :)
> Hope you're kiddin', right? :) We should simplify things,
> rather than complicate them.

Right. :) See the :). :)  But the question is serious.

> In general, all these entries should be green, with a few
> red ones.

In the spirit of the above, I proposed omitting (gasp!) the
green ones...  Is that an oversimplification?  I have to
looks very nice.  It is a pity it went dead two days before
I added a new test.

Your comments are most welcome!

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