Viruses in the wine-devel archive ??

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Aug 22 15:30:54 CDT 2003

Stefan Leichter wrote:
> On Friday 22 August 2003 19:00, Duane Clark wrote:
>>I have temporarily changed the maximum message size on wine-patches to
>>40KB. So any emails with valid forged "From" headers will be caught for
>>moderation. Since all the other lists were already set at 40KB by
>>default, no viruses were able to make it through.
> If you like to save some work i have seen filter rule against sobig.f for 
> Postfix 
> (, Exim 
> and sendmail. For Exim and sendmail the description is in german only on 

I don't control the mail server, so you would need to address this to 
Jeremy. I just do moderation. Hopefully he will also soon add the 
Mailman spam filtering he mentioned a couple of weeks ago?

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