LinuxPlanet story

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Aug 23 08:35:35 CDT 2003

Well, this might well be old news, I don't know, but I found this story

(LinuxPlanet is mostly a general news/aggregation website, but they
sometimes have unique stories too)

It talks about a new venture from TransGaming Technologies, called
"AclereX", which specialises in application (not game) porting. It turns
out they have a website (unfinished?) here:

and an interesting datasheet. The messages sent by this website are a
bit confusing - it seems on one hand that they will be specialising in
app porting, and indeed the LinuxPlanet story suggests that it'll be a
service, not a product, but the website also says:

• AclereX is seamless and transparent.
• AclereX is easy to use with its ‘Point and Go’ interface.
• AclereX provides 7/24 technical support access.

.. which makes it sound like a product that will be packaged and sold,
as "Point and Go" sounds very much like Point2Play, intended for
managing many installed programs.

I suppose at some point it'll maybe be announced here on wine-devel by
Gav, but as they've been talking to journalists at trade shows about it,
it seems fair game to point it out here now. Sorry if it was supposed to
be kept a secret.

thanks -mike

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