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Sat Aug 23 12:32:15 CDT 2003

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Ferenc Wagner wrote:

> Hello,
> recent discussion on the list ignited my interest again.
> Francois has a very nice page
> <>, let's try to
> make better use of it!
> 1. The precompiled binaries offered here would mean a great
>    help, were they updated regularly.

Absolutely true. Unfortunately I have not had time to update them for
quite some time :-(. It would be great if someone volunteered.

You suggested a script to generate a zip file automatically. I have
a couple of trivial scripts that should do 90% of the job.

 * zipmsvctests
   Assumes that you compiled the tests on Wnidows using MSVC somehow.
Then, as its name implies, it just zips them all together and throws
in a batch file to run all the tests.

 * runtests.bat
   Simply runs all the tests.

> 2. Maybe better, a framework could be developed which would
>    run all the tests, pack the results up and send it back
>    to Francois for easy integration into his page.

I think a database or anything complex is way overkill. All we need is
to FIX the BUGS and then it will all be trivial to manage.

Most of the complexity is that currently there are way too many bugs.
This makes it hard to update the status page, and makes the table way
too big. If all tests just compiled and succeeded, and we only had to
deal with the occasional new test then results would be easy to merge
and everything would fit in the page.

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zip -j \
        dlls/advapi32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/advapi32_test.exe \
	dlls/dsound/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/dsound_test.exe \
	dlls/gdi/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/gdi32_test.exe \
	dlls/kernel/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/kernel32_test.exe \
        dlls/msvcrt/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/msvcrt_test.exe \
        dlls/netapi32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/netapi32_test.exe \
        dlls/ntdll/tests/Output/Win32_Wine_Headers/ntdll_test.exe \
        dlls/oleaut32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/oleaut32_test.exe \
        dlls/rpcrt4/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/rpcrt4_test.exe \
        dlls/shell32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/shell32_test.exe \
        dlls/shlwapi/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/shlwapi_test.exe \
        dlls/urlmon/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/urlmon_test.exe \
        dlls/user/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/user32_test.exe \
        dlls/wininet/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/wininet_test.exe \
        dlls/winmm/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/winmm_test.exe \
        dlls/winspool/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/winspool_test.exe \
	dlls/winsock/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/ws2_32_test.exe \
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