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Mon Aug 25 05:08:52 CDT 2003

There is also the old (and GPLED) Bochs project. Allready at 2.0 version.

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>It sounds like you want to modify Wine to make it run x86 windows apps on
>If that's the case I would look at projects that are already working on this
>and to help them.
>One of the projects is called darwine ( At the moment they
>already have winelib working on OSX and soon they like to integrate an x86
>emulator. Recently there was a whole discussion about this all which I'd
>recommend to look up in the wine devel archives. (something with x86 emulator in the
>topic) Various Wine developers think that integrating an x86 emulator in
>Wine isn't the best solution. Lots of things need to be converted (endian stuff
>Another possibility is not to integrate an x86 emulator into Wine but to run
>Wine inside an efficient x86 emulator like Qemu. Currently qemu
>( can run x86 linux apps on various non-x86 linuxes and
>another part of it can emulate a full system. The app loader already runs Wine
>and if the app loader got ported to OSX, Wine would work on it. With some
>optimizations it can work at a reasonable speed. This option is a lot easier to
>do. It also has other advantages but read those up in the archives. (Something
>like this is also what Transgaming is/will be using to run x86 apps on
>non-x86 hardware. They use technology from to do this.)
>I hope this helps a bit,
>>Does anyone know where I can get the opcodes for an x86 processor. I am 
>>going to include the code in Wine to port it to mac. I am an experienced 
>>linux programmer but mainly have only worked with server writing. I am
>>very capable in writing php, perl, tcl, html, etc. This is the first real 
>>"advanced" project I am starting to write. Thank you so much for your 

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