Wine 0.9 progress

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Aug 25 09:07:43 CDT 2003

Well, it's been a while since the last update, so I thought it'd be
worthwhile to write about where we're up to. Looking at the TODO list on
WineHQ, it seems the remaining work falls into two areas:

* A bit of documentation stuff (rather worryingly "fix the docs build
system" says a patch was submitted last *year*, but is still labelled as
work in progress!).

* Configuration, ie winecfg and an auto setup wizard thingy. John K Hohm
has been making great progress lately with making DLLs self register,
but unfortunately nobody has really stepped up to work on winecfg. We
may or may not get the patches from Mark it seems :|

There are a few other things, like DLL separation, and completing the
work to make DLLs self register.

I have a whole load of time with not much to do during September, so I
might sit down and try and get some patches off for winecfg, seeing as
merging in Oves OLE code is going to be slow work at my current rate of
patch committing :(

Is there anything else we might need? I'm tempted to say that having
InstallShield work is a priority, as it seems to have broken quite a bit

On the TODO list it says that some window management hacks exist but
more debugging work is needed - does anybody know the status of that? A
lot of InstallShield installers at the moment fail due to that X11
ConfigureWindow error - how hard is this to fix?

Having a wine.inf to set up a new installation, does anybody have
details on that? Is this just a case of eating our own dogfood, or is it
really a must have for 0.9?

thanks -mike

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