About the bin/wine application

Evalet Olivier evaleto at programmers.ch
Mon Aug 25 15:12:20 CDT 2003


I'm using winebuild to make my winegui and it works perfectly. But I'm
trying to use the "wine_init" function (from ./libs/wine/loader.c)
instead of wine loader. I'm trying to make a new wine loader but it
doesn't work. It starts correctly (I can see with the --debugmsg +all)
but after, I have an "Illegal instruction" error somewhere in

this is my new loader (bridge.c) :

int main( int argc, char *argv[] )
    char error[1024];
    wine_init( argc, argv, error, 1024);
    return 1;

This is the original cmd line and the new cmd line:
1)wine --dll ole32=b libbridge.so
2)bridge --dll ole32=b libbridge.so

Is it possible to make its own wine loader?



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