Question about winedump and winemaker

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Tue Aug 26 17:40:54 CDT 2003

Hello everyone,
I am using Redhat 9 and wine-20030813.
I used winemaker and winedump to generate a file, but there are some problems here:
1)winemaker doesn't work at all, I just followed all the instructions, have no idea what's going on...(Does anyone did this before?)
2)winedump works, but I need to change something in the .spec.c file, there is a sentence like:
        "\t.string \"_test1\"\n")
Later when I run my program, it will complain that :
err:module:import_dll No implementation for test.dll._test1 at 4 imported from ...
So I thought maybe I need add @4 to "\t.string\"test1\"\n" , make it come into:
"t.string \"_test1 at 4\"\n";  
Then it works!
But now I need to implement 2 or over 2 functions in the, after the modification, only one function works regardless the sequence of these functions in my source codes..
Does anyone have such experience before, thank you for help this out.
Is there any bug for winedump or winemaker ?

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