problems with spec/def and import libs on Mingw

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Tue Aug 26 19:26:42 CDT 2003

Recent changes with the self regsitering of dlls are causing dependency problems on Mingw. If I
compile shell32 on windows it is link to a function in ole32.dll named "PRIVATE". If course in the
spec.def file we have the following information:
DllGetClassObject at 12=OLE32_DllGetClassObject at 12 @63 PRIVATE
DllRegisterServer at 0=OLE32_DllRegisterServer at 0 @194 PRIVATE
DllUnregisterServer at 0=OLE32_DllUnregisterServer at 0 @266 PRIVATE

Is there a simple fix for the Mingw case?


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