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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed Aug 27 06:06:35 CDT 2003

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, puoti at wrote:

> Hi, I've noticed a probmel on winehq, in the wwn at  the top  of the page  you
> have a  link with your name,  it  links  to  mailto:, I  suggest you  add  your
>  email address or  remove that link.

The reason is that the 'email' field of the <author> tag is not set.
Instead I see that in recent WWN issues (since issue 161) there is a
contact field with a web site URL. I guess the goal is to foil spammers
so I should not send a patch to add the email field<g>.

So the problem is that include/wwn.php does not support the 'contact'

        $wwn_vars = array(
            'author' => $html->ahref($this->author, 'mailto:'.$this->email),

Jeremy, is it hard to modify wwn.php so that it uses the email field if
present (for old issues), and uses the contact field otherwise.
Would this work? (note that I don't know anything about PHP):

            'author' => $html->ahref($this->author,
                                     (isset($this->email) ?
                                      'mailto:'.$this->email :

Maybe we should even check if contact is set too:

            'author' => (isset($this->email) || isset($this->contact) ?
                                      (isset($this->email) ?
                                       'mailto:'.$this->email :
                                     ) :

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