Building a wine(lib) based shared library to link with a Linux application

Louis louisemail at
Wed Aug 27 10:43:27 CDT 2003


I'm trying to work out if and how I can port a windows dll to Linux and build a shared library that I can use in an ordinary Linux program.

To be more specific:
Supose I have sources for a Windows dll (mydll.c and mydll.def):

#include <windows.h>

int ShowBox(void)
	MessageBox(NULL, "DLL", "DLL", MB_OK);

	return 0;

LIBRARY      "mydll"

DESCRIPTION  'Show a MessageBox'

	ShowBox		@1

Is it possible with wine(lib) to buuild a library (preferably shared) that I can link with an ordinary Linux program, so that it becomes possible to call the function ShowBox from the 
Linux program. Possibly requiring to link additional wine(lib) libraries.



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