Wine 0.9 progress

Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Wed Aug 27 02:09:20 CDT 2003

Mike Hearn wrote:

>Is there anything else we might need? I'm tempted to say that having
>InstallShield work is a priority, as it seems to have broken quite a bit

Well, if development after 0.9 is going to focus on correctness while
getting to 1.0,
lots of conformance testing is a must.  I really was looking forward to
write a
testing application that runs all the tests, but I can't figure out why
make crosstest is not
(It's something to do about linking with ntdll.)

If crosstest was working, the meta-test program could be built as part
of daily wine builds.
Windows testers (myself included) could download the daily crosstest and
upload results into some stats page on winehq.


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