Where to put static libs?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Wed Aug 27 14:04:43 CDT 2003

> I'm in the process of rewriting the SMB code to use
> winsock name lookup and socket calls without NetBIOS
> first, and to fall back to NetBIOS (using the
> Netbios() function) second if that fails.
beware that you cannot directly call wsock32 functions (nor netapi32) 
from ntdll.

> I'd like to expose some SMB functions so that named
> pipes and files to UNC paths use the same library of
> SMB functions.  A couple of netapi functions
> (NetServerEnum and NetShareEnum) need to create SMBs
> also, and I'd like to implement them--they can be used
> to implement "network neighborhood."
if you really want to share the code, better implement the TDI interface 
to linkage points in ntdll and make netapi32 depend on it, but that may 
be a bit overkill for the moment.


Eric Pouech

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