Where to put static libs?

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 27 13:58:55 CDT 2003

--- Eric Pouech <pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> first of all, most code dealing with file/pipe
> opening will be moved 
> from kernel32 to ntdll (at least the core)


> moreover, the SMB code (currently) is more a proof
> of concept than a 
> full implementation of SMB (using SAMBA if possible
> would of course be 
> preferred)

Agreed, although somebody needs to resolve the
licensing issues.  I'm a nobody, so what I say would
have no weight with either group, so I'm not the right

> the internal NTDLL interfaces for handling file
> systems are likely to 
> evolve very shortly
> I also assume that you're referring (parly) to
> NetBios resolution
> if so, then copying the code might not be a wrong
> answer for now
> if not, please explain what you want to do in more
> details

Yes.  In particular, this is what I've done:
- implement a large set of the NetBIOS client
functions (the function Netbios(), with NCBENUM,
- improve the NetBIOS code:  WINS support
(experimental, I don't have a WINS server), big-endian
support, name lookup retries
- use winsock, rather than UNIX socket interfaces

I'm in the process of rewriting the SMB code to use
winsock name lookup and socket calls without NetBIOS
first, and to fall back to NetBIOS (using the
Netbios() function) second if that fails.

I'd like to expose some SMB functions so that named
pipes and files to UNC paths use the same library of
SMB functions.  A couple of netapi functions
(NetServerEnum and NetShareEnum) need to create SMBs
also, and I'd like to implement them--they can be used
to implement "network neighborhood."


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