Wine 0.9 progress

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Wed Aug 27 16:07:44 CDT 2003

Ferenc Wagner wrote:

>>>'t figure out why make crosstest is not working.
>>>(It's something to do about linking with ntdll.)
>>Can you rename mingws libmsvcrt.a or libntdll.a and see if
>>that fixes it? On Windows with Mingw+MSYS I have to rename
>>libmsvcrt.a to build the tests.
>Seems like it does!  Actually, I changed -lntdll to -lmsvcrt
>on the command line, but all the same.
>Now can somebody try whether
>works on Win9x?
Mingw crosstest and build still has some problems and some of the import 
libs are not correct.
I will not have time to look at this for a while and I dont 
cross-compile so if anyone is interested
have at it.


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