Wine 0.9 progress

Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Thu Aug 28 04:12:01 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

> something like the JUnit stuff ( Here are
> few things that I'd want in such an app:
>   -- it should be a single executable (.exe preferably)
>      containing all unit tests
>   -- when started, it should go through these steps:
> 	* display a dialog explaining what it is and what it
> 	  would do. The dialog would have OK/Cancel buttons
> 	* if OKed to proceed, the program should extract
> 	  the tests, run them, and collect results,
> 	  inspect the system.
> 	  While doing these, it should inform the user what
> 	  is going on ("Extracting tests...". "Running test X", etc.)
> 	  The failed tests should be listed below.
> 	* when done, it should present the user with 3 buttons:
> 	    o View Report
> 	    o Send Report
> 	    o Cancel
> 	* on "Send Report", the report should be emailed to a
> 	  special mailing list, from where it's later picked
> 	  up by some scripts and analysed.
> 	* We should be able to disable the UI via a command
> 	  line switch, to allow for automatic execution.

This is almost exactly what I had in mind, save some details
on how the reporting back to the Wine project should be done.


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