GtkPlug and GtkSocket mechanism

Evalet Olivier evaleto at
Thu Aug 28 11:30:42 CDT 2003

Hello mike,

> I've thought about this before. The primary problem is that you'd need
> some custom IPC mechanism, as simply instantiating an ActiveX control
> and embedding it in a window isn't terribly useful, you generally want
> to call its methods and set its properties.
Yes, and for this I have a done something, see attach. 
(I have to test the properties and methods access)

> I've pondered using DBUS for that. A simple DBUS<->COM bridge would be
> handy, though COM doesn't really map to DBUS very well, so it wouldn't
> be quite the same as using normal COM/DCOM.

if I make DBUS bridge with my attach will be not efficient? 

> I already put some basic support for processing XEMBED messages into
> Wine with my system tray patch, that isn't merged yet. You might want to
> take a look at that first.

I have patched your work in my wine src, it works very well :). 
But for the moment, it's too abstract.   
I don't understand how to simulate a GtkSocket creation, 
how to send the windows handle to another process window??? 
This part is very strange, like magical, hahaha. 
but maybe I just need to send the same messages as Gtksocket to GtkPlug?

The ATL is a C++ toolkit, beyond that I know little about it. The
> easiest way to embed an ActiveX control is to turn a program into a
> WineLib app. At that point the problem becomes one of internally using
> XEMBED to synchronize the Wine toolkit and GTK. That sort of thing
> shouldn't be very hard, I expect a simple Wine extension to Win32 would
> work here (setting an extended window style or something).

For my tests I try all in wine application (embed activex and to use methods).
After this, I will work for the magical xembed mechanism and at the end 
I will implement DBUS bridge.    

thank you very much for your help.


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