patch for non x86 specific code in BuildSpec16File.

Warren_Baird at Warren_Baird at
Thu Aug 28 15:27:11 CDT 2003

> Why do you want to do that?  It will generate a lot of functions that
> will never be used.

Hi Alexandre,

Dave forwarded your email to me, since I was the one who made that change in the
first place...

Perhaps the functions may never be used now --- but when I first started working
with wine on solaris (Probably the march or apirl release of 2002) I got a bunch
of undefined symbols until I removed the ifdef x86 here.  I'm afraid that I
can't recall whether the undefined symbols were in wine itself, or in our code.
I've just undone the changes and wine did compile successfully, but I'm still
waiting for our code to finish compiling...  It could be tomorrow before it is

It is quite possible that the problem that was causing the undefined symbols has
been fixed in the last 1.5 years - I'll email if I do end up getting any
undefined symbols.  Until then you can disregard this patch.


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