Wine 0.9 progress

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Thu Aug 28 16:47:10 CDT 2003

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Ferenc Wagner wrote:

> Basically, I cross-compiled the tests I could (all except
> dsound), and run the attached script, which created the zip
> file on the above page.  A testing soul have to create a
> directory, download a file, unzip it, run a .BAT file, and
> mail a .TXT file.  Cleanup is optional.  I will write a
> script which digests the resulting textfile and renders some
> HTML.  What do you think?

Very nice. In fact, this is good enough to bridge us to when
winetests will be ready. Esentially, winetests should just
present a nice user interface and the extract/run/email/cleanup

So yeah, now the focus should be in post-processing these results.
Also, Jeremy can we setup a mailing lists/alias to where
the results should be sent? This way we have a well-known entry
point (e.g. wine-tests-results at and we've broken down
the problem into simpler parts:
   -- creating the testing bundle (we'll need to integrate that
      in our build process, and regularly post fresh binary
      on our SF download site)
   -- the generation of the results is covered 80% by Feri's
      script, and work is underway to create a nice UI for it.
   -- post-processing the results, and generation of a nice
      HTML page (this needs integrating on WineHQ as well).


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