[winecfg 1.1] Implement saveConfigValue(), style changes, code cleanup, UI alignment

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 19:13:07 CDT 2003

--- Francois Gouget <fgouget at free.fr> wrote:
> Is there a way to use the registry (as seems to be required for many
> features) and still document our settings correctly? Maybe add a 'Doc'
> value for each regular value:
> [SomeKey]
> OptionFoo=1
> OptionFooDoc="OptionFoo does this, that, etc."
> Better ideas?

Kinda off topic.

It sounds like a good idea and it might work for WINE but the Windows registry is a bloated mess.
I have seen Windows registrys get to 40mb+. Adding more keys for documentation like this is just
going to make the memory requirements higher and performance worse. 

If you wanted to go to a binary format, the ReactOS developers have offered to relicense the code
we have as LGPL so you might be able to do this without much of a performance hit. Anyway I havent
used WINE on *nix in a while so i dont know if this really is a issue but its something to think
about. I am not sure about the compression and performance numbers so it might not be a issue for
WINE at this point.


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