comdlg32 16/32 split and TWEAK_WineLook

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Aug 28 21:12:11 CDT 2003

Hello all,
I am looking at splitting the rest of the Win16/32 code in commdlg32 and am having a few problems.
I have come across a lot of code that is marked FIXME: TWEAK_WineLook. I need to split out the
32to16 resource converions and fix this but am unsure what would be the correct route. Can we
disable/remove the TWEAK_WineLook for the Win32 code? I dont understand why the implementation of
Win32 filedialog functions needs to support the old 3.11 look. If we remove the old 3.1 look from
the Win32 stuff then I think I can split the internal FILEDLG_* functions.

Here is a bit of the code in question:

    BOOL  newlook = TRUE; /* FIXME: TWEAK_WineLook */
    /* some flags don't allow to match the TWEAK_WineLook */
      newlook = (ofn->Flags & OFN_EXPLORER) ? TRUE : FALSE;

    if (newlook)
        return GetFileDialog95W(ofn, OPEN_DIALOG);
        return GetFileName31W(ofn, OPEN_DIALOG);

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