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Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Fri Aug 29 09:36:37 CDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 07:35, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> On August 28, 2003 06:30 pm, Jeremy Newman wrote:
> > Sure, if that is the address you want for the list I can probably put it
> > up tomorrow sometime. I just want to be very sure before I start work on
> > it.
> Well, wine-tests-results at is OK AFAICT. Are there better
> proposals?
> > Not sure how you want to accomplish this, but integrating it into the
> > site should not be hard, if the output is generated using the .template
> > spec of the lostwages engine. If it need to be more dynamic than that,
> > some PHP work will be involved.
> No need for PHP -- the page will be static HTML generated externally
> through a Perl script I'd guess. We'll have to figure a way of integrating
> the above list with such a script. I'm wondering if we don't need a DB
> in the middle, something like so:
> wine-tests-results --> parser --> DB --> generator --> .template
> Something like MySQL should do, but it's a non-trivial setup.
> We need to figure out a few things:
>   -- how do we trigger the parser based on email comming in
>      from the list. Maybe run it as a user, and have things
>      done through procmail.

It can work similar to how the mailman works, you have the script parse
from /etc/aliases. .procmail would work as well.

>   -- Jeremy, are you OK with setting up a simple database for
>      this stuff? If so, we need to figure out a schema.

Mysql is already on the machine, so that is fine. My concern is DB bloat
over time. Will this DB get out of control or will it remain a fixed

>   -- We need to run the generator either from time to time,
>      or when the DB gets updated. Any preference?

Cron, or during the monthly build. Monthly build is preferred IMO. I'm
jumpy about giving out any further shell access to the box.

>   -- Once you have the .template, what does it need to happen
>      to have it appear on WineHQ?

Just needs to be in the templates/en dir somewhere, it can be another
level deep as well. I can provide the full path to whoever writes this

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