Wine 0.9 progress

Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Fri Aug 29 18:47:10 CDT 2003

Francois Gouget wrote:

>Do we really need a C program, a new mailing list, automated result
>submission, generating HTML and now a database just so we have something
>that says:
>Test      | Result
>kernel32  | Passed
>msvcrt    | Passed
>oleaut32  | Passed
>dsound    | Passed
>This all seems very much over-engineered to me. I'd really like to see
>that kind of energy spent on fixing the tests so that they actually work
>on Windows.

Well, a new mailing list seems overkill to me. Since yesterday I have 
been working on a program
to run the tests. I have it more than 50% done now.
It runs all the tests and logs everything in a file.
The test is one big EXE for the Windows tester to download.
The reporting is uploaded automatically if the user wants to.
The EXE is built with mingw crosscompiler, so no need for MSVC.


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