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--- "puoti at" <puoti at> wrote:
> I think Francois is right, there are only about a dozen versions of
> windows, if
> you count the various win95osr1, osr2, 98se and so on, and probably the
> running
> the  tests only on the major releases of windows (8 if you count xp home
> and
> pro), so all that is needed is 8 people that run these tests and send a
> mail to
> this list when something that did work breaks.
Actually there are quite a few more than 8, even not including service packs
on 2000 and xp and nt..

95reg, osr1, osr2, osr2.1, osr2.5, 98, 98se, me, nt4w, nt4s, 2kpro, server,
adv server, datacenter server, xp home, xp pro, and im not sure what the xp
server flavors are called, but i know there are a couple of those.. plus 2k3

so without the xp server flavors and all the 2k3 flavors, we have 16..  even
if we simplify to nt4, and 2k, its still a dozen like you originally said,
although if you take out the osr's then it would be 8, but there are a couple
of service packs and osr's and things of that nature that im sure changed
some things that would affect the conformance test suite..  either way, we
need to have 16 people for at least the first run (or a few people with
multiple os's on their comps) to find out which service packs and which
flavours of the nt based windows' actually have changed things, to where we
would need to continue to run a test on those specific service packs, etc.. 
confused yet? 

say nt4's sp3 and sp6 changed some stuff that would affect the results of the
conformance tests.  we would do the first run on all nt service packs
(finding them all would be another story, though).  then we would discover
that nt4 reg, sp3, and sp6 gave different results on the tests, so we would
run subsequent tests on only those 3, thereby eliminating about 7 other tests
(sp1, 2, 3a, 4, 5, 6a, etc)

hope that clarifies some stuff, and helps out someone..

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