Wine 0.9 progress

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Fri Aug 29 20:03:55 CDT 2003

>Overkill. Wine advertises NT4 SP6 only, not the other SPs. Same thing
>for each major version, only one SP match. So there's little point in
>conforming to something not supported by Wine, as it's been superceded.
OK, so for win9x we have 95, 98, 98se(This is a major release,I do remember
finding some stuff that could run on 98se but not on 98),  me (Well, anything
for 9x runs on me, so wine only needs to support me to support all apps for 9x),
nt4sp6(a?), xp home and pro, and 3 versions of win2k3 (Ok, I aren't counting the
64 bit for now), so it's somewhere in between 6 and 9. Whatever it is, a miling
list, a database and all that other stuff isn't necessary. I can run the tests
on win98se and win2k3 enterprise edition. All I have to do is get that  exe that
runs all the tests and outputs them to a file(Someone is half way trough writing
it), and post a message to wine devel when something that did/didn't work
stops/starts doing so, I can do it (Almost) every day if necessary, it doesn't
seem anything difficult to me.

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