[winecfg 1.1] Implement saveConfigValue(), style changes, code cleanup, UI alignment

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sat Aug 30 08:33:30 CDT 2003

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Dustin Navea wrote:
> Not sure how possible this is or if it has already been thought of just let
> me know, but what about loading the config into memory and having wine make
> it look like the registry while loaded (ie for windows regedit).

I believe Wine already does somethin like this, but maybe not.

> wine can do
> the processing of both the registry and the config, and then when it is time
> to save the changes done in regedit, wine sorts it out between what needs to
> be written to the actual registry and what needs to be written to the config
> file.

But in any case, this is where you hit problems. When loading the
registry or the configuration, Wine simply ignores the comments.  And
when saving the changes Wine rewrites the registry file from scratch. If
we do the same for the configuration file it means we loose all the
comments, making it pointless to put them in in the first place...

Of course we could have a special case for the configuration file so
that we keep the comments in memory, maybe also keep the file layout and
then merge the changes when we save. But that means using a different
codebase for the settings and for the registry which I believe is the
opposite of what we want to do by moving the settings to the registry.

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