Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Sat Aug 30 15:16:44 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>  -- We should look for and report the exact version number
>     of the OS. Now that we have a C program, it should not
>     be difficult.

Tests prepared Aug 30 2003
Operating system version:
5.0 Service Pack 2 - NT family 2000

The above is, AFAIK the exact version number.

>  -- I haven't checked, I hope it also cleans up after itself :)

I am afraid it does not.  I decided not to for now, since I wanted to
run the tests
manually in case of trouble.

Look in your $TEMP\winertest
there you will find both EXEs and the html form.

>This is shaping up nicely. What we still need to do:
>  -- enlist someone for building this binary on every release,
>     and upload it to WineHQ.

This is built with cross-mingw, so the build should be done at the same time
Wine is tagged in releases, IMHO.


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