Bugzilla bug #556

Dave Miller compsol at ptdprolog.net
Sun Aug 31 03:02:40 CDT 2003

Bug 556 is "reconcile the windows and wine spec files."  The point I think
is make sure all windows APIs are listed, and listed correctly.  I have a
question...  If a particular API has four different ordinals in four
different windows versions, what goes in the spec file?  You can see an
example of what I mean here:

If the answer is simple enough I'll start working on the bug.

On a slightly related note, I relied on the wine spec files to build the
apidb.  I'm getting the idea now this wasn't quite the right approach, and
it says some APIs are exported by wine when in fact they are not.  Should
I have used the .spec.def file instead?

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