Question about libwine_unicode functions and others in WINE

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Dec 1 22:28:07 CST 2003

Jonathan Wilson <jonwil at> writes:

> ReactOS uses linker magic.
> My point is that there is no valid reason for the WINE code in
> kernel32 not to use RtlAllocateHeap since the WINE kernel32 code is
> only intended to run on ReactOS (where RtlAllocateHeap is available)
> and WINE (where RtlAllocateHeap is available). Therefore, re-writing
> wine kernel32 to call RtlAllocateHeap instead of HeapAlloc and perhaps
> changing WINE to do the linker forwarding foo (if such a thing is
> possible) is a good solution.

There's no reason whatsoever to do that. HeapAlloc is a kernel
function and it's perfectly OK to use it in kernel. It requires a bit
of magic to link properly but that's not a problem.

> As for libwine_unicode, I havent looked but I suspect that on real
> windows, most of what libwine_unicode does is inside ntdll.dll
> somewhere. Therefore, lets put the libwine_unicode code into wine
> ntdll.dll, add the forwarding hooks needed from kernel32.dll that call
> ntdll.dll and then make WINE apps call kernel32.dll instead of
> libwine_unicode.

It won't work, libwine_unicode is used in places that don't have
access to ntdll (like the tools or the wine server).

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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