Partial success: RoughDraft 2.11

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Dec 11 08:46:34 CST 2003

On a whim, I tried out RoughDraft 2.11 under
wine-20031118 this morning.  It installed and ran
with some anomolies (e.g. the installer's EULA doesn't
display at all!, .doc import works really poorly,
a few pixels misplaced here and there, can't invoke
web browser to display help), but it might be good enough for
some users.

It's a free download at
and I recommend it as a test app.  His FAQ says
no Linux or Mac port is planned, so there must be
interest out there, and he'd probably be tickled pink
if Wine improved to the point where it ran his app
well enough for aunt Tilly to use.  Sources not available
but the author seems like a good guy, and would probably
be willing to work with us if we really needed it
(especially if we fixed a few things first, like that
EULA display problem).
- Dan

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